Explore and learn how to apply AI in your domain.

Dive into Machine Learning by working on real projects as part of a learning community. Practical, Community-based, Start from Zero.

Elevate your career through AI & Machine Learning expertise that you can employ and utilize within your job.

What Bootcamp are there?


The Practical 101 of AI & Machine Learning

In this Bootcamp, we will be covering the main areas of application of AI & Machine Learning, teach you how to apply them, and make them work for you.

Build your own ML Project from end-to-end

You have identified your own Machine Learning project that you want to work on. We provide you with the technical guidance and workflow to turn your project into a reality.

What do other students say?

Student reviews

"When I started learning AI, I was super overwhelmed of all the content out there. With unpackAI, not only did I build my own model, but it also gave me the motivation to keep learning."
Roman Derstuganov
Linguistics Student
Because of the unpackAI e-Bootcamp, I was able to broaden my technical horizon and get ideas about how to apply AI-related solutions to the business services within my company.
Inara Koppert-Anisimova
Digital Marketeer & Web Developer
"I previously joined online courses to become more technical, however, the learning experience was very underwhelming. With the community feeling and continuous guidance at unpackAI, I was able to finally push through."
Kaha Gogiashvili
Program Manager at Chinaccelerator

Intuitive & Explanatory Code

At the core of AI & Machine Learning are numerous code libraries, algorithms and programming languages. With our self-developed unpackAI library, we allow students to interact with an otherwise inaccessible codebase, and utilize a top-down approach to focus on the key aspects that matter.

We are an AI community at our core.

unpackAI was built by people looking for the right way to learn and improve our skills while being occupied with a full-time occupation. No alternative worked for us so we build it on our own. Follow us on LinkedIn!


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