Building Deep Learning Applications

This is the right Bootcamp for everyone with a technical background who wants to dive into Deep Learning and build their own ML Applications.

Python for Non-Programmers

This is the most comfortable Bootcamp to start to learning one of the most essential skills sought in AI and Data Science domains.

What do you pay for?

Bootcamp Features

In this 6-week part-time online Deep Learning Bootcamp, you will learn hands-on top-notch skills every AI Practitioner uses to quickly build and deploy Deep Learning models. We focus on parallelly learning and building Deep Learning Application to put your newly-learned knowledge to best use.

Experienced Mentors

Experienced Mentors will be able to provide support and help along your learning process.

Practical Course Content

We utilize the course which is wildly popular for its top-down learning approach that prioritizes practicality over theory.

Expert Community

Expand your network and connect with Machine Learning Professionals that are actively working on projects.

Student reviews

With the unpackAI e-Bootcamp I was able to apply all the theoretical knowledge that I gathered during my PhD. Now I am not only a scholar but also a practitioner.
Ijaz Ul Haq
PhD Student
Because of the unpackAI e-Bootcamp, I was able to broaden my technical horizon and get ideas about how to apply AI-related solutions to the business services within my company.
Inara Koppert-Anisimova
Digital Marketeer & Web Developer
The e-Bootcamp was a great kick-off for me to gain knowledge for my job and also to prepare myself for a possible career-transition and become a Machine Learning Expert.
Jimbo Leung
Full Stack Engineer