The Practical 101 of AI & Machine Learning


Duration: 5 weeks

Session Time:

Monday 7:30pm – 9:30pm 

Saturday 9:00am – 11:00am

Price: 265

Application Deadline:

10 December, 2021

Get to know more about your classmates, the mentors, and learn about the fundamental concepts of Machine Learning (ML), how it works, its limitations, and potential.

Understand the difference between, AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning and be able to categorise ML tasks into supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning.


Lastly, learn about the Machine Learning Workflow that we will apply in 4 different fields of Machine Learning:


1. Computer Vision


2. Tabular Data


3. Recommender Systems


4. Natural Language  Processing

Dive into Computer Vision, and learn about how machines are able to derive insights and make predictions from visual data. Build your own computer vision application, by gathering your own images and train your own model.

Learn about data augmentation, model performance metrics and test your own model on external data.

Comprehend how AI & ML can be applied to Tabular Data such as financial, sales, marketing, or customer data. Understand how it can automate data analysis processes and what benefits its implementation will provide the organization deploying it.  Then learn how to deduce actionable insights for the future, and build your own classification or regression applications.

Learn more about Recommender Systems, and understand how TikTok, Youtube, and Netflix are able to recommend your next favorite piece of content. Explore the possibilities in building such systems with their advantages and limitations  Choose a dataset to build your own model to predict and recommend.

Apply AI & ML to text, discover Language Models and go through the process of how an AI model is able to generate, summarize and classify text. Ranging from text generation, to translation or text prediction, understand NLP’s use cases and outcomes. Build your own NLP application to automatically generate movie reviews, or analyze sentiment.

Jump into a 1:1 mentorship session with our AI experts to define an AI project that solves a pain point in your organization, personal endeavor, or life in general. Research, gather feedback, write an article and pitch your project to the class. Analyze your performance with mentor and community feedback to improve your results. Successfully graduate from the Bootcamp and receive your AI certification.

What do you pay for?

Bootcamp Features

In this 5-week part-time online AI Bootcamp, you will learn hands-on top-notch skills every AI practitioner uses to quickly build and deploy AI models. We focus on parallelly learning and building an AI Application to put your newly-learned knowledge to best use.

Experienced Mentors

Experienced Mentors will be able to provide support and help along your learning process.

Practical Course Content

We utilize the course which is wildly popular for its top-down learning approach that prioritizes practicality over theory.

Expert Community

Expand your network and connect with Machine Learning Professionals that are actively working on projects.