AI & Machine Learning

The Development Cycle of an ML Project

Go through the entire process of building a Machine Learning Project and apply it to your own use case.

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In this 5-week part-time online AI Bootcamp, you will deep dive into working with data, data processing and building predictive models. After this Bootcamp, you will be able to build a machine model prototype, work with the most common data types, experiment with the most promising machine learning algorithms, and work with many python packages and ML and AutoML tools.

Bootcamp Benefits

Become an AI & ML Practitioner.

Connect the dots between the business requirements and the technical feasibility of an AI project.

Join an AI learning community.

Join the community and learn with 12 students and 2 mentors to receive instant feedback and help.

Learn and apply AI in practice.

Apply AI & Machine Learning to your use cases and real-life problems and create your own AI projects.

Official Graduation Certificate.

Receive a graduation certificate to add to your LinkedIn and professional profile.


Program Format:

5 Week Program

2 Live Sessions per week!

Sun/Sat 10am & Mon/Tue 7pm.

Program Fee: 295

Program Start:

With this session you will get to know more about your classmates, and the mentors that you will be studying along with. Get more insights into the format of the upcoming weeks and the upcoming topics.

  • Understand how to load datasets and metadata in the most common file formats.
  • Explore and analyse your datasets and gain tools to manipulate metadata and tabular data using Pandas.
  • Have an appreciation for how data can be represented as tensors.
  • Explore the data-centric approach in AI, and learn about its importance in Machine & Deep Learning.
  • Utilize tools to label, improve and balance your datasets.

This week will encompass data preprocessing techniques for the main data types such as tabular data, images and text. For each we will cover:

  • Feature engineering, and decomposition for tabular data.
  • Computer vision preprocessing techniques like label encoding, handling unbalanced classes or normalising pixel values.
  • Text preprocessing for NLP tasks such as encoding and embeddings.

This week, we will dive into the algorithms and model training of a machine and deep learning model. We will cover the:

  • The most common cutting edge DL algorithms and architectures
  • The logic and power behind pretrained models
  • Hyperparameters
  • Fine-tuning of pretrained models

This week you will fully apply newly gained machine learning skills to your ongoing project to deliver the final results. Aside from that you will:

  • Get on 1:1 calls with mentors to get personalized feedback and recommendations before presenting it as a proof-of-concept project on Demo Day.
Successfully graduate from the Bootcamp and receive general feedback from your mentor about possible AI projects and career paths. Get published on our social media to feature your project, receive the certificate and get endorsed for your skills on LinkedIn.

Student Testimonials

Join a community of hundreds of excited and eager learners! Receive instant feedback from your fellow classmates and help others who are facing issues that you have already encountered.

"When I started learning AI, I was super overwhelmed of all the content out there. With unpackAI, not only did I build my own model, but I also had the motivation to keep learning."
Roman Derstuganov
"Because of the cohort-based learning, I was able to broaden my technical horizon and get ideas on how to apply AI within my company."
Inara Koppert-Anisimova
Digital Marketeer & Web Developer
"I previously joined online courses to become more technical, however, the learning experience was very underwhelming. With the community feeling and continuous guidance, I was able to finally push through."
Kaha Gogiashvili
Program Manager
"At first I couldn't even have imagined that I would be able to build my own Machine Learning Project, however through the business AI track, I was able to very quickly grasp and experiment with AI!"
Hila Ren
Solutions Architect

How to join the Program?

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Decide on the next step in your career.

After successful graduation, we will discuss with you how you want to continue your learning and development.

All revenue goes to the community.

All revenue will directly go to the mentors and community to organise more programs and events.